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Joshua is the founder and President of the Legal Transformation Institute.  Over the last decade he has merged his legal practice with his entrepreneurship, strategic development skills, and his transformational leadership ability.  He has been responsible for implementing and executing organizational change within global practices and enterprises. He has worked with law firms, corporations, legal education professionals, and entrepreneurs within legal services markets. 

Prior to founding The Legal Transformation Institute, Joshua held leadership roles within several global legal service organizations where he led specialty divisions/projects focusing on driving innovation and change into business processes.  He has received several awards for innovation and leadership throughout his career.  He regularly speaks and writes on the broad range of topics encompassed by legal transformation.

On July 1, 2015 I became the Chief Strategy Officer for the global law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP.  Feel free to contact me there at

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Chris is the Managing Director of the Legal Transformation Institute.  Over the last 17 years, he has represented numerous Fortune 500 clients in high stakes civil and criminal litigation and investigative matters.  In more recent years, Chris turned his legal expertise into entrepreneurial success, founding with three other senior lawyers a boutique legal services practice that applied an innovative business model to the area of plaintiffs’ complex, opt-out litigation.

Chris now resides in the Mountain West, dedicating much of his energy to the formulation and implementation of new business models for the legal market, working with both lawyer and non-lawyer professionals who seek to bring positive disruption to the delivery of legal services and products.   He also writes on the travails of the legal education system and reimagining ways to mentor and train practice-ready, “new” lawyers.